New England Symposium for Speech-Language Professionals


What is the New England Symposium for Speech-Language Professionals (NESSLP)?

NESSLP is a convention for speech-language pathologists in the New England states of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire. Nancy Telian and Ellayne Ganzfried, both SLPs and national speakers, are the consultants who are putting together a program that meets the current needs for today’s SLPs.

The event will begin on Thursday with two evening sessions to help attendees maximize their CEUs.  One of the sessions will be a roundtable discussion to permit SLPs to share with each other the issues and concerns they have in their individual states. Friday and Saturday will be filled with presentations offering up to five sessions to choose from at any time. There will be three tracks: Schools, Medical and Multi-Interest. We are also planning special events for the students including a Praxis Bowl Challenge and time to present either posters or technical sessions.


Who is hosting the event?

Craven Management Associates is hosting the first NESSLP.  More than two years ago, a vendor asked if Craven Management Associates had ever considered hosting a convention in the New England states. This vendor indicated that he and many other vendors would like the opportunity to have one event, where they could showcase their products and services to SLPs in New England. Craven Management Associates is known for the creation of a joint event for the states of Colorado, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming called Intermountain Area Speech and Hearing Convention (IMASH).  IMASH first started in 2005 and is still held every two to three years.